30 Days of Gaming – Day 15: Post a screenshot from the game you’re playing right now

As eluded to before…


Xenogears on my PSP

I actually played this game because of an ad I saw in a magazine, which might be the only time that’s happened to me. The three words that caught my eye in the ad were “Playstation,” “Squaresoft,” and “RPG.” That’s all it really took in the late ’90s.

While the game itself is a bit rough around the edges compared to the Final Fantasy games of the time, it still had an interesting story and setting, and Yasunori Mitsuda’s music was fantastic as always.

It’s also really long. It’s probably the game I’ve started the most times without actually finishing. It’s still really long even though when you get to the second disc, you start getting the impression they were either running out of time or money. Suddenly they just start telling you about something the main characters did in the game, using text and pictures, instead of actually having you go and play those parts.

I’m only a couple hours into the game on PSP now, so we’ll see if I actually manage to get very far this time.

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