30 Days of Gaming – Day 11: Gaming system of choice

My laptop

Laptop + Steam = Win

While this post could easily become about the console wars, it’s not going to. My console fanboyism went out the window when I got my first job and I bought an Xbox with my first paycheck, already having a Playstation 2 and Gamecube

I’m here to play games, and sometimes dropping the extra money on a new console is worth it to play something interesting with the promise of future exclusives.

That being said, I have my preferences now. My lifestyle has changed since high school, and console gaming can be a challenge for me. Between work, school and other crap, I tend to move all over the place. On a given week (when I’m enrolled in school) I’m driving between three counties.

Gas eats up a lot of my disposable income and the commute time eats up my extra free time just the same. I can’t take a console with me everywhere I go, so finding a situation where I can devote a decent amount of time to one specific game is difficult.


If only consoles were more like Steam.

Luckily, I have a fairly decent laptop. I played Portal 2 on it by preloading it from Steam at school and completed most of it on my kitchen table in the broadband-free boonies of Bates City. I actually beat the game in the cafeteria of UCM’s Elliott Union. I couldn’t really do that on a console. Plus, thanks to Steam, I only had to pay $44.99. The console version would have set me back $59.99 plus tax! Don’t forget that I don’t have to pay $50 a month to play it online like Xbox 360, and didn’t have to wait an entire month to play it online like on Playstation Network. Sounds like a good deal to me!

So yes, my laptop is my game system of choice. However, an honorable mention has to go to my iPhone 4.

Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy III - Expensive for an iPhone game, but half the price and better looking than its DS counterpart.

It’s more powerful than a DS or PSP, it’s smaller but has a higher resolution screen, it’s always with me since it’s my phone, the games are way cheaper and there’s no physical media like cartridges or UMDs to mess around with. The only downside is the lack of a physical controller–touch controls aren’t idea for some games.

I hope to get back into console gaming once I’m done with school and have my own place with an actual Internet connection. But for now, my laptop and iPhone have to keep me gaming.

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