30 Days of Gaming – Day 6: Most annoying character

Wallmaster from The Legend of Zelda

A wallmaster from The Legend of Zelda.

I had to think about this for a while. There are a ton of annoying characters in video games, and most of them are pretty infamous. Half the cast of The Legend of Zelda comes to mind.

I decided it might be more fun to think about the most annoying enemy in games. I almost picked the wallmaster from The Legend of Zelda, the disembodied hands that will take you back to the beginning of a dungeon if they get a hold of you, but then I thought of a game with a similar mechanic–Minecraft.

Any time you die in Minecraft, you’re sent back to your original spawn point. Well, a recent patch allows you to reset your spawn point so it’s a bit different now, but that doesn’t change my answer. Perhaps the even bigger annoyance is that you drop all your items any time you die, leaving you to travel all the way to where your character fell to pick up the items that were scattered around the area.



Most enemies in the game are easy to deal with except for one, the creeper. Creepers are completely silent. They can sneak up on you without you even knowing. The only warning you get is the quick “sssss” sound, like a lit fuse, seconds before they explode, taking you and a large chunk of the surrounding world with them.

Not only are they annoying, they’re possibly one of the most terrifying enemies in any game. Enemies in Minecraft can spawn in any darkened area, be it in a cave you’re exploring, a tunnel you just dug, or the surface world during the night. You’re taught to fear darkness in the game, and if you’re our exploring in the darkness you can start feeling pretty uneasy.

Get too careless and it’s, “Sssss!” Game over.

I’m just glad I haven’t started having nightmares about it. I’ll leave you with this comic:

That's a very nice EVERYTHING you have there.

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2 Responses to 30 Days of Gaming – Day 6: Most annoying character

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  2. Hethra19 says:

    Good god, it doesn’t even let you relax when it’s daylight. I’ve had creepers appear inside my bedroom, my fully lit bedroom, in the middle of the day and explode, taking out EVERYTHING. It’s terrifying. That hiss shall haunt my nightmares forever.

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